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O futuro das finanças na América Latina e no Caribe



Uber joins PIX; Movistar Money arrives in Colombia; Amazon Chile offers point-of-sale credit

Nov 20, 2020

By Fabiola Seminario
Your Friday briefing on the week's most important digital banking and fintech news from around Latin America. ...



Uber partners with EBANX to offer PIX

Uber users will be able to use PIX to pay for their trips and food deliveries, after the company joined the new Brazilian electronic payments system in partnership with EBANX, one of the largest payments processors in Brazil and the world. The partnership is also part of the strategy of Uber Cash, the digital wallet of the ride-sharing company, and UberEats.

Colombia partners with Silicon Valley accelerator

Colombia’s government closed an agreement with ‘500 Startups’, a Silicon Valley accelerator that promotes the development of other accelerators, reported President Iván Duque, during the framework of CEmprende, a government initiative that fosters connections between private initiatives and the State. The president also announced an agreement with Israel’s “most important” investment fund, although he did not elaborate on the details.

Superdigital can now receive salary payments

Clients of Banco Santander Chile’s 100% digital account –Superdigital- can now receive mass payments, such as salaries, pension funds and unemployment insurance. To date, the product already hosts more than 100,000 customers.

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Telefónica launches Movistar Money in Colombia together with BBVA

Telefónica, and BBVA signed an agreement to launch a consumer credit arm called Movistar Money, in Colombia. As in Spain, Movistar Money will offer fast loans ranging between 5.5 million and 11 million Colombian pesos (US $1,500- US $3,000).

Mastercard and Juvo partner to serve the underbanked in Latam

Mstercard and Juvo, a services startup for underbanked users, teamed up to offer the FiDaaS platform to financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. FiDaas (financial identity as a service) uses machine learning tools to analyze user transactions and verify their ability to access financial services, purchase insurance, and repay loans.

Amazon partners with dLocal to offer point-of-sale credit in Chile

Amazon users in Chile will be able to pay for their purchases with local currency and in up to three interest-free installments, thanks to the association of the marketplace and the mass payments platform dLocal.

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