Descubre el futuro de las finanzas en América Latina y el Caribe

The future of finance in LatAm & the Caribbean

O futuro das finanças na América Latina e no Caribe


iupana Editorial Policy

iupana strives at all times to be ethical in its business practices, including in its reporting.

iupana‘s mission is to be the leading information service for Latin America’s fintech, banking and payments executives. To do so, we see our journalistic values as fundamental: we aim to provide clear, accurate and unbiased reporting that our readers can use to make professional decisions.

iupana journalists adhere to a code of conduct that is designed to ensure honest, transparent reporting. We’ll always identify ourselves as journalists before beginning an interview, we don’t accept any material benefits for taking a particular angle on a story, we are clear in who our reporting sources are, and we will disclose any real or perceived conflicts of interest.


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Our website contains “Editorial Content” and “Sponsored Content”. We’re highly grateful to our sponsors for backing our work, and at the same time we understand the importance of delineating editorial and sponsored content.

“Editorial content” includes our news, analysis and opinion articles on iupana does not pay for editorial content, nor do we receive payment for any editorial content.

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