Descubre el futuro de las finanzas en América Latina y el Caribe

The future of finance in LatAm & the Caribbean

O futuro das finanças na América Latina e no Caribe


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The following information explains what information is collected from you when you use, and how that information is used. By using, you agree to have your information collected and used as described below. does not require any personal information from you to use the website.  However, we do use some third party programs that may gather information from you, including Google Analytics, Google Admanager, MailChimp and LibSyn.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides us with statistics in general terms on who our readers are, such as which country you are in and which browser you are using to read our content, what times of the day you read us, and whether you landed on from another website, social media or a direct link.

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Google Admanager (formerly DoubleClick for Publishers-/DFP) and Adsense are tools that helps us publish ads on The money we earn from those ads helps pay for all the amazing content that you come here to see, and is critical to keeping the site running.

DFP uses some cookies – small text files stored on your browser – to serve the most relevant ads. The cookies have no personally identifiable information. You can find out more about how DFP uses cookies here.

We may occasionally use Adsense. With regards to that product, Google wants us to make sure that you know the following points:


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MailChimp also administers a pop-up on our page that gives you the opportunity to sign up for our newsletter. MailChimp uses cookies to work out whether you have seen that pop-up in the past year – if so, it won’t show it to you again. (We know how annoying pop ups can be!!)

When you sign up to receive our newsletter, MailChimp collects your email address and the other information that you submit to us via the sign up form. It shares that information with us, for the purposes of sending out our newsletter. It also collects information about whether you open a newsletter and which links you click on. We use this information to better understand our audience and to see how effective and interesting our newsletters are – so that we can make them more relevant to you in future. We also share aggregated statistics (nothing personally identifiable) from information that you submit in the sign-up form, to illustrate our readership base to third parties, including potential advertisers.

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You can see more about what MailChimp does with the information it collects here.

In certain clearly marked instances, we may share your contact details with a third party. Where you sign up for a live event  and where you sign up to download an industry resource or white paper, we may share your details with the third party sponsor who we collaborated with to produce the event or resource. All such instances are clearly indicated.



We use LibSyn, a third-party platform, to host and serve our podcasts. When you listen to our download a podcast episode, LibSyn shares with us basic analytical data, such as your location and the time of your download, so that we can better understand our audience and make our content as relevant as possible to you.

You can find out more about LibSyn’s privacy policies here:


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