dLocal raises millions in round; Nubank buys Easynvest; Crowdfunding in Colombia is modified

#TopNews: The most important news of the week on digital banking and fintech in Latin America

18 September, 2020
Digital onboarding prime time is 2 minutes, says Rappi

Banks have a short window to convert potential clients after they download the institution’s app, say digital onboarding specialists

14 September, 2020
Oyster closes round; Colombia prepares payment regulation

#TopNews: Here are the key developments this week in digital banking and fintech in Latin America

11 September, 2020

Payments and E-Commerce LatAm: Trust grows as transactions surge

A huge surge in payments and e-commerce has brought a number of disruptions and challenges, according to a new report launched today

7 September, 2020
Webinars: Eliminate Friction in Digital Onboarding; Reactivate Mexico; Alternative payments

How did Rappi get to have 10 million active users? Hear the company’s digital onboarding secrets in a webinar this week.

3 September, 2020
Digital payments on the rise in Colombia; Regulatory challenges in fintech; and more

#BuenasFuentes: The most important news of the week on digital banking and fintech in Latin America 

28 August, 2020

Webinars: Dynamics of e-commerce in Covid-19; Fintech reputation; Open Banking

Here are the unmissable bank transformation and fintech webinars next week, from August 31 to September 4 

27 August, 2020
Real-Time Payments LatAm: Options expand but usage grows slowly

Real-time payments are rapidly becoming a reality across Latin America, but getting customers to use them regularly remains a challenge.

24 August, 2020
Creze, Lana and others raise rounds; PagSeguro buys Wirecard in Brazil

Here’s the key information for this week in digital banking and fintech 

21 August, 2020

With new scoring models, LatAm fintechs keep lending through crisis

Fintech lenders are using new data and evaluation tools to measure the credit risk of new borrowers – and say the models are here to stay

17 August, 2020
Stone buys Linx; Kushki seeks to enter Mexico; and more

#TopNewsHere are the key developments in LatAm digital banking and fintech that you need to know about this week 

14 August, 2020
Webinars: Fintech venture investment in Latam; Complexities in digital transformation; Peru VC

Here are the unmissable bank transformation and fintech webinars next week, August 17 to 21 

13 August, 2020

LatAm fintech investors retreat to pockets of safety amid pandemic

VCs say long term potential is clearer than ever, but investing now is riddled with uncertainty

10 August, 2020
Globant buys GA; iPhones as payment terminals; Sempli launches credit card

#BuenasFuentes: The most important news of the week on digital banking and fintech in Latin America

7 August, 2020
Webinars: Banking Apps of the Future; Entrepreneurship in complex times; E-commerce advances

Here are next week’s unmissable banking and fintech webinars

6 August, 2020
Open banking: Regulations and technology push change in LatAm

Changes in regulation and technology are moving financial services towards open banking in Latin America

3 August, 2020
Pix testing starts in Brazil; Peruvians flock to in-app payments; Banks suffer in pandemic

#TopNews: Here’s the LatAm banking innovation, payments and fintech news that you need to know this week

31 July, 2020
Webinars: The future of payments; Insurance and technology

Here are next week’s unmissable digital events for LatAm banking innovation and fintech leaders

30 July, 2020
Instant payments Colombia: Transfiya transfers multiply

Transfiya, a new instant payment system built by the fintech Minka with ACH Colombia, is gaining strength, but challenges remain.

27 July, 2020
Nubank acquires US company; PayPal studies cryptocurrencies

#TopNews: Here’s what you need to know in LatAm fintech and digital banking this week

24 July, 2020
Webinars: Platforms in banking and fintech; Digital bank; AI in digital banking

Here are the unmissable digital banking and fintech webinars next week 

23 July, 2020
Retailer Unicomer launches fintech credit, QR payments play

La Curacao and RadioShack operator Unicomer launches fintech, aims to expand its QR payments and point of sale lending app across LatAm

20 July, 2020
Santander Brazil steps up digital strategy; New Colombian credits; Neon expands

 #TopNews: The key digital banking and fintech news in Latin America this week  

18 July, 2020
Webinars: Helping clients with financial stress; Creative startup capital raising; and more

Here are this week’s unmissable LatAm banking and fintech webinars

17 July, 2020
BBVA: Chatbot usefulness is growing

Virtual assistants offer benefits for clients wanting help 24/7, but incorporating them into the digital strategy requires careful planning

13 July, 2020

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