Descubre el futuro de las finanzas en América Latina y el Caribe

The future of finance in LatAm & the Caribbean

O futuro das finanças na América Latina e no Caribe


Payments, e-commerce and financial services globally have been through an enormous upheaval in 2020, driven by the impact of COVID-19.

As consumers and businesses have adapted rapidly to a world of physical distancing and lockdown, e-commerce transactions have shot up. But it has been far from an easy transition. Demand for some products has skyrocketed, for others, it has slumped.

Companies well used to selling online are dealing with new challenges: these include the logistical challenges of fulfilling and delivering orders, or the need to offer new, flexible terms, as is the case of airlines and hotels.

Meanwhile, a new cohort of shoppers are overcoming their fears of buying online, placing their first orders and expanding the ranks of digital consumers. Home delivery of groceries is no longer a luxury for the well to-do: it’s quickly become a staple for masses. People are also quickly adapting to new ways of in-store purchases, using QR codes and other non-contact forms of payment.

Amid this whirlwind of change, iupana and SafetyPay hosted a forum of eight payments and e-commerce industry leaders from across the Americas to take stock of the huge evolution that’s happened in the past few months, and to explore the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Participants in the 2020 Payments & E-Commerce Leadership Forum were:

  • Gustavo Ruiz, CEO, SafetyPay
  • Peter Hazlehurst, Former Head of Money, Uber
  • Daniel Cohen, Co-Founder, Simple Payments Solutions
  • Juan D’Antiochia, GM Global E-Commerce, FIS
  • Matias Spagui, Head of Chile, Mercado Pago
  • Juan Miguel Guerra, Director General of the Rappi-Banorte Joint Venture
  • Driss Temsamani, MD, Digital Channels & Data, Citi
  • Gonzalo Chávez, Head of Partnerships, Credicorp

This Special Report sets out five of the key thematic insights that emerged from the Payments & E-Commerce Leadership Forum, which was held virtually on July 23, and explores the one big question that remains a point of uncertainty for the industry.

Download this exclusive Special Report to understand:

  • How payments volumes have evolved in the Americas in 2020
  • Which e-commerce sectors have boomed in the pandemic
  • How consumers in the Americas are re-thinking online purchases
  • What the outlook is for QR payments and other non-contact transaction mechanisms
  • Where the emerging risks are for e-commerce

Special report: Payments & E-Commerce in the Americas: Preparing for the new normal

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