20 June, 2019
Guide: Electronic signatures in Colombia
Understand the legal requirements for using electronic signatures in Colombian banking with this Guide

E-signatures are an important element of digital banking, helping eliminate paper-based processes.

So how can banks make best use of this technology? How can a bank be sure that a digital signature will be recognized in the same way as an old-fashioned signature?

This guide is designed specifically to help Colombian banks understand digital signatures. It sets out the specifics of the laws for digital signatures in Colombia and discusses how to use them.

Download this Guide to learn about:

  1. Legal validity of e-signatures in Colombia
  2. The different types of e-signatures
  3. When to use each type of digital signature

This 6-page Legal Guide to E-signatures in Colombia, written in Spanish, was developed by Erick Rincón Cárdenas, partner at Colombian law firm Rincon Cardenas & Moreno, and technology company OneSpan (formerly known as Vasco).

Download it now to understand the legal requirements for electronic signing in Colombia.

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