The future of finance in LatAm & the Caribbean

The future of digital identity: Biometrics, ecosystems, and ID in a post-covid digital landscape

This white paper details the future of digital risk, fraud and AML, and explores the changing demands of identity authentication in Latin American digital finance. 

A White Paper from iupana, in partnership with Jumio 

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The changing face of digital trust

In the digital world, making sure the clients are who they say they are, is vital. But that has to form part of a very friendly user experience. The ultimate goal? A solution that complies with regulation and detects fraud while also providing a user experience with minimal friction.

New challenges in digital fraud prevention

Increasingly regulators want to know how companies are protecting data and what controls they have in place. It’s a delicate balance as user experience can suffer as a result of tighter controls.

Proof of life: a necessity in the digital era

To prevent an individual opening a bank account using someone else’s document, companies can use proof of life or liveness detection solutions, which ensure the person in the photo holding the ID is really there and that it’s not a picture or a video.   

Beyond ID, orchestration is vital

Identity orchestration refers to the process of putting different elements together for a multilevel checkpoint—details about the person’s device, their telephone number, email, government databases, money laundering lists and so on. 

Putting UX and data privacy at the center

Striking a balance between a good user experience and security is vital and should be addressed by way of a risk management evaluation.

You will also find...

What’s your appetite for risk?

When defining security, fraud or AML strategies, companies normally consider their appetite for risk. The checkpoints will vary depending on the level of risk that an organization is willing to accept while pursuing its objectives.

The future of digital identity

Technologies advance faster than we think, each one contributing in different ways and, most importantly, complementing each other.

User case: improving onboarding

How to improve the onboarding or remote identification process.

Thought leaders and digital identity specialists who participated in this report

Download this report on digital identity here