18 May, 2020
Covid & Lending in Latin America
This new interactive report explores which parts of Latin America's fintech lending market are most affected by the new coronavirus, how serious the impacts are - and how fintech lenders are responding.


iupana’s Covid & Lending Report delivers exclusive data on the impact of COVID-19 on Latin America’s fintech lenders. Based on exclusive data from interviews and a survey conducted among Latin American lending fintechs, this dynamic online report delivers a deep understanding of how this global crisis is impacting the region’s lending startups.

Buy this report to understand:

  • Which fintech lenders are most affected by COVID-19, by sub-sector and country.
  • How serious the impacts of COVID-19 are for Latin America’s lending fintechs.
  • How fintech lenders in Latin America are responding to the biggest economic and health crisis of our time.

Designed to help fintech startups, investors and partners better understand the impact of COVID-19 on our industry and benchmark their own situation, the ​Covid & Lending Report ​​offers data on changes in loan demand, loan origination, portfolio quality and acceptance rates, as well as steps taken by fintechs to mitigate the crisis.

The report is available as dynamic online set of aggregated data. This allows users to explore sectors and sub-sectors fully and to have immediate access as new data points are incorporated.

This premium interactive data analysis report is available for just USD 79.00.

Covid & Lending Report

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