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BTG Pactual plans crypto platform and Belize Bank introduces E-Kyash digital wallet

Sep 24, 2021

By Antony Pinedo
criptodividad billetera digital

#BuenasFuentes: BTG Pactual lanzará una plataforma de negociación de criptoactivos, Mynt y Belize Bank presentó su billetera digital E-Kyash

BTG Pactual plans crypto platform

Banco BTG Pactual said it will open a cryptoasset trading platform before the end of the year, which would make it the first bank in Brazil to launch such a service. Called Mynt, the platform will initially allow trading in Bitcoin and Ether. The move is seen bolstering trust in cryptocurrencies.

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Belize Bank introduces E-Kyash digital wallet

Belize Bank introduced its E-Kyash digital wallet with technological support from Polish-headquartered Wallet Factory. The wallet is expected to help increase financial inclusion among the unbanked and underbanked segments of the population.

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