12 June, 2020
Digital banking and fintech webinars: Cybersecurity; Machine Learning; and more

Here are the best webinars and online events in the digital banking and fintech sector in Latin America, from June 15 to 19 

By Fabiola Seminario


This week two virtual events tackle a problem that has become more acute in recent months: cybersecurity. Mastercard’s Virtual Cyber ​​and Risk Summit explores trends in cybersecurity and economic crime, while ESET Brazil looks at cybersecurity lessons learned from COVID-19.

In addition, the Fintech Tour this week focuses on Peru, exploring the activities of the sector in the country, as well as the regulations around it.

Read on for the best virtual events in digital banking and the fintech sector in Latin America for next week. Remember that you can review our full calendar of events here, and add yours here.

Virtual Cyber ​​and Risk Summit

June 17, 9:30 a.m. (EST)

Mastercard’s first free virtual event dedicated to exploring key issues that will define cybercrime, security and economic crime in the years ahead. Among the topics to be addressed are fraud trends, fraud detection, new digital consumer experience and artificial intelligence. Click here to sign up for the summit.

Duplicate book entries: What are the impacts of the new model for the credit market?

June 17, 10am (Sao Paulo)

Electronic invoicing was regulated in Brazil under Law 13,775 and is part of a reform agenda focused on credit for companies, but how does the new model work? What are the changes for funders? What are the benefits for the credit market? Find all the details of this regulation by signing up for the webinar, here.

Using machine learning and deep learning in regulatory compliance

June 17, 11am (ET)

This online workshop will comprise two modules. The first will offer use cases for using machine learning in regulatory compliance, KYC, transaction monitoring, and more; while the second will discuss the use of blockchain and deep learning techniques in regulatory compliance and shared utilities. Click here to sign up for the webinar.

COVID-19: Lessons learned in cybersecurity

June 18, 9am (COT)

Understand in detail the security challenges that companies face when they shift to remote work. Plus, you’ll learn what malware and phishing campaigns take advantage of the pandemic to trick users, what attacks can compromise your company’s productivity, and how to protect one of your organization’s most important assets: information. Click here to sign up for the webinar.

FinTech Tour | Peru

June 18, 7pm (Mexico)

This week’s Fintech Tour features Maria Laura Cuya, president of Peru’s Fintech Association, to discuss the ecosystem in the country, its regulation and relevance. Click here to sign up for the webinar.

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