Fintech snapshot: August 2019

Latin American fintech capital raising has topped $1.6 billion this year

5 September, 2019
Brazil’s financial cybersecurity challenges

Slow advances on cybersecurity regulations have created fertile ground for hackers and other malicious actors

30 August, 2019
Fintech Snapshot: July 2019

Nubank’s jumbo round & Softbank’s big bet on another digital bank

7 August, 2019
Cyberthreats: The risks are here

How to develop a (now indispensable) strategy against cyberthreats?

1 August, 2019
LatAm Fintech Snapshot: June 2019

In a record-breaking month, Andreessen Horowitz made its first fintech investment in LatAm

11 July, 2019
LatAm Fintech Snapshot: May 2019

LatAm fintech investment reached a new 2019 peak in May, thanks to a big deal for Clip

7 June, 2019
Fintech Snapshot: April 2019

Tencent makes its first investment in Argentina as LatAm’s lending startups attract attention

9 May, 2019
LatAm Fintech Snapshot – March 2019

Investment in Latin American fintech powered ahead in March, with Brazilian startup Loft leading the way

3 April, 2019
Blockchain’s transformational potential

Irving Wladawsky-Berger: Blockchain could be the next major step in the evolution of the internet

7 March, 2019
LatAm Fintech Snapshot – February 2019

Latin America’s neobank battle heats up, QED and Kaszek invest in Argentina

4 March, 2019
How to drop the gender bias in financial inclusion

Women are far less likely than men to have a bank account. Here’s what we need to do about it

14 February, 2019
Fintech Snapshot – January 2019

Brazil led the way for LatAm fintech deals in January  – plus several startups forged bank deals

6 February, 2019
The Rise, and Potential, of Datafication

Irving Wladawsky-Berger examines the potential, and challenges, of two of the key technological innovations for financial services

31 January, 2019
Why 2018 was the best year yet for fintechs in Latin America

Fundraising achievements and regulatory advances made 2018 a great year for fintech in LatAm, says Thiago Paiva

17 January, 2019
The four key LatAm fintech trends for 2019

Andres Fontao, co-founder and managing partner at Finnovista, identifies the growth areas for LatAm fintech this year

10 January, 2019
Payments lessons from Asia and predictions for Latin America

OPINION: The evolution of payments in Asia shows potential for Latin America, says Thiago Paiva

6 December, 2018
Why BNDES is developing its own cryptocurrency

OPINION: How to trace development financing more effectively

30 May, 2018
Blockchain adoption in Brazil: Early days

OPINION: The hype is out of control – but blockchain offers some concrete, serious opportunities for Brazil

15 May, 2018
A primer on blockchain – and what we can do with it
What is distributed ledger technology, anyway?
4 May, 2018
Lessons learned from Peru’s mobile money initiative

OPINION: Miguel Arce, the commercial director of PDP, reflects on the electronic money project in Peru

27 April, 2018
What will money look like in the future?

OPINION: Interoperability is key for digital payments systems, argues the architect of Ecuador’s mobile money project

24 April, 2018
Is a cashless society ahead?

OPINION: In much of Latin America, cash is still king. But guess what: it doesn’t have to be, argues Jeffrey Bower

18 April, 2018

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