Why BNDES is developing its own cryptocurrency

OPINION: How to trace development financing more effectively

30 May, 2018
Blockchain adoption in Brazil: Early days

OPINION: The hype is out of control – but blockchain offers some concrete, serious opportunities for Brazil

15 May, 2018
A primer on blockchain – and what we can do with it
What is distributed ledger technology, anyway?
4 May, 2018

Lessons learned from Peru’s mobile money initiative

OPINION: Miguel Arce, the commercial director of PDP, reflects on the electronic money project in Peru

27 April, 2018
What will money look like in the future?

OPINION: Interoperability is key for digital payments systems, argues the architect of Ecuador’s mobile money project

24 April, 2018
Is a cashless society ahead?

OPINION: In much of Latin America, cash is still king. But guess what: it doesn’t have to be, argues Jeffrey Bower

18 April, 2018

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