Financial inclusion
Competition heats up among Argentina’s digital wallets

Digital wallets are booming in Argentina

15 February, 2021
Closing the gender gap, a pending task in financial inclusion

The financial inclusion gender gap is tricky to bridge

3 February, 2021
Why don’t more Mexican small businesses take digital payments?

Opinion: A survey reveals insights that defy conventional wisdom

31 January, 2021
Kiki del Valle: Fintechs can play a “vital role” in financial inclusion

Interview: Kiki del Valle, of Mastercard, on financial inclusion, fintech and banking

27 January, 2021
LatAm gig economy boom drives fintech opportunities

Wanted: Financial services for on-demand workers and platforms

20 January, 2021
Beyond an account: The challenges of financial inclusion in Latin America

Latin America has made extensive progress in increasing access to finance in the last year, but challenges remain

26 November, 2020
Video: LatAm fintech growth and partnerships

Thiago Dias, VP Fintech Strategy and Labs, LAC, Mastercard, discusses the challenges and opportunities ahead for LatAm’s fintechs

25 November, 2020
Financial inclusion in Mexico: Digital payments struggle to take off

Informal economy, high cash usage, and slow digital payments take-up hinder financial inclusion in Mexico

16 November, 2020
PayPal and Mercado Libre join forces; Samsung Joins Nubi; Financial inclusion in Latam grows

#TopNews: The most important news of the week on digital banking and fintech in Latin America

23 October, 2020
Fintechs drive financial inclusion during the pandemic

Covid has shown that LatAm fintechs have a lot of potential in terms of financial inclusion – and so do banks

12 October, 2020
Real-Time Payments LatAm: Options expand but usage grows slowly

Real-time payments are rapidly becoming a reality across Latin America, but getting customers to use them regularly remains a challenge.

24 August, 2020
How open banking can help lenders in the pandemic

Open banking offers various solutions for fintechs to open their doors to new lending

20 August, 2020
B89 aims to break the “near-oligopoly” in Peruvian banking

B89, a new Peruvian fintech being established by a power-list of local entrepreneuers, is targeting a young client base with modern services

15 June, 2020
This week in digital banking and fintech: Argentine fintechs in regulatory spotlight; Nequi launches freelancer loans; New rounds for Dapp and Joinkey

#TopNewsHere is the LatAm digital banking and fintech news this week that you need to know 

13 June, 2020
Digital banking and fintech webinars: Apps in 7 min. with Low-Code; Key tech for KYC/AML; and Fintechs in Guatemala

Here are the best webinars and online events in the digital banking and fintech sector in Latin Americafrom June 8 to 12 

4 June, 2020
Brazilian open banking moves ahead despite data law postponement

Brazilian lawmakers have delayed data protection laws but are pushing ahead on open banking regulations.

18 May, 2020
LatAm Lending fintechs: NPL rates surge amid COVID-19

COVID-19 is hurting LatAm fintech lenders’ non-performing loan rates, according to new iupana study

11 May, 2020
Digital banking and fintech news wrap: Open Banking advances in Brazil, Ualá and Mercado Libre take off, Google and Gates promote digital payments

Top News: Key LatAm digital banking and fintech stories this week

8 May, 2020
Digital banking and fintech webinars: Open banking in Latin America; End of cash and the “New Normal” post COVID-19

Here are the best virtual events in digital banking and fintech in Latin Americafrom May 11 to 15 

6 May, 2020
Digital payments after Covid-19: A flatter curve?

A surge in e-commerce has hastened growth of digital payments – but can the acceleration continue?

4 May, 2020
This week in digital banking and fintech: Argentine banks test blockchain, Fintech apps overtake banks

#TopNews: This week’s top news in digital banking and fintech in Latin America

24 April, 2020
Multi-bank instant payments accelerate in Latin America

Banks are joining forces in Brazil, Mexico and Peru to develop interoperative instant payments systems

20 April, 2020
Coronavirus: Demand for fintech loans jumps in LatAm

The economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a fundamental impact on lending and leasing fintechs

30 March, 2020
PLIN brings free inter-bank payments to Peru

Scotiabank Peru, BBVA and Interbank find fast uptake with PLIN, to facilitate free and immediate peer-to-peer transfers, although interoperability is in question

16 March, 2020
Nubank’s Mexico strategy: Accounts, loans could follow credit cards

In Mexico, Nubank may accounts and loans in addition to credit cards as it seeks to replicate Brazilian success

9 March, 2020

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