Latin banks study blockchain for cross-border payments

Banesco Panamá and Scotiabank Chile get serious about payments disruption

17 June, 2019
Competition intensifies in cross-border payments for LatAm banks, startups

Banks and startups in Latin America are using new technology that will cut costs for cross-border payments and currency conversion

25 March, 2019
East Caribbean plans world’s first digital currency

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to test blockchain-based digital dollar, to evaluate financial inclusion and cost-cutting potential

18 March, 2019
BTG makes blockchain bet with STO real estate fund

BTG Pactual has launched a security token offering (STO), using blockchain to facilitate investment in Brazilian real estate fund

11 March, 2019
Blockchain’s transformational potential

Irving Wladawsky-Berger: Blockchain could be the next major step in the evolution of the internet

7 March, 2019
Citibanamex innovation: A work in progress

An in-depth study of Citibanamex’s digital strategy

18 February, 2019
The three key tech innovations for LatAm banks in 2019

Bank and fintech innovation leaders highlight the tech to watch in 2019

10 December, 2018
Scotiabank makes blockchain plans for accounts, loans

Global bank expects financial services sector to ramp up implementation of blockchain applications in 2019

22 November, 2018
Gosocket joins Slovenian blockchain platform to open new investor base for SME finance

Chilean e-invoicing and factoring platform hopes to deepen liquidity for SMEs with Hive deal

10 July, 2018
What’s the biggest limitation for blockchain in LatAm? Understanding

The “human factor” is holding back blockchain development in finance in Latin America, say experts. Scale is also a consideration

26 June, 2018
Blockchain’s insurance potential in Mexico

A project to cut fraud in car insurance

1 June, 2018
WATCH: 5 blockchain projects redefining finance​ in Latin America & the Caribbean​

These blockchain projects have the potential to revolutionize finance in the region

31 May, 2018
Why BNDES is developing its own cryptocurrency

OPINION: How to trace development financing more effectively

30 May, 2018
Blockchain enthusiasm builds in Brazil, but not everyone wants to be a pioneer

Banking association launches new pilot project

29 May, 2018
CityWallet looks to Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico for expansion

Blockchain-based product switches NFC technology in Venezuela for QR codes in Chile

28 May, 2018
Atliana Piñón, CityWallet, on micropayments, blockchain, and starting up in Venezuela

PODCAST: Launching a fintech startup in a land of high crime, hyperinflation, and brain drain

28 May, 2018
Smart contracts set to overhaul banking, lift financial inclusion, says Ripio CEO

Smart contracts are a tool for financial inclusion, will overturn the role of banks, says Sebastian Serrano

24 May, 2018
Sebastián Serrano, Ripio, on the future of blockchain and smart contracts

PODCAST: Sebastián Serrano, CEO of Ripio, on finances of the future

21 May, 2018
Brazil’s Central Bank opens doors to blockchain with first use case

EXCLUSIVE: Quorum-based platform goes live after multiple studies and proofs of concept

17 May, 2018
SURVEY: Blockchain limitations

SURVEY: What’s the biggest limitation of blockchain?

16 May, 2018
Blockchain adoption in Brazil: Early days

OPINION: The hype is out of control – but blockchain offers some concrete, serious opportunities for Brazil

15 May, 2018
Bitt bets on regtech proposal for Caribbean blockchain pilot

Blockchain developer hopes KYC/AML plans will encourage commercial banks into project with Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

14 May, 2018
Rawdon Adams, Bitt, on blockchain opportunities in the Caribbean

PODCAST: How blockchain could cut the cost of banking and financial compliance

14 May, 2018
Santiago stock exchange targets blockchain marketplace

Securities lending platform on Hyperledger Fabric just the beginning, says CIO Andrés Araya

7 May, 2018
Andrés Araya, Santiago Exchange, on blockchain’s challenges and opportunities

PODCAST: The stock exchange’s CIO on experiences with Hyperledger fabric, and the limitations and opportunities of blockchain

7 May, 2018

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