9 December, 2020
Video: Cybersecurity & Digital Trust

Financial institutions need to focus sharply on keeping safe from “the world’s greatest cybercriminals”, says Jorge Arbesú, VP for Cyber & Intelligence, Latin America and Caribbean, Mastercard.



As the world has become rapidly more digital, physical distances have been reduced and people can communicate much more easily with technology. In Latin America, the pandemic accelerated that change, pushing a mass adoption of digital channels by people that rarely touched them previously.

Yet, that digital “inclusion” has still not fully been translated into financial inclusion, says Jorge Arbesú, VP for Cyber & Intelligence, Latin America and Caribbean, Mastercard. In part, that is because a digital trust gap remains: people would make much greater use of digital financial services if they were more confident of their security.

“We haven’t been able to translate digital inclusion into financial inclusion,” says Arbesú. “We need to make sure that that security is also perceived by the user. That is digital trust.”

Watch: Jorge Arbesú explains why digital threats have never been greater – and how AI can help financial institutions stay protected.


In the full interview, Arbesú goes into depth on how digital trust and inclusion is evolving in Latin America, and how the cybersecurity landscape is changing for the region’s financial institutions.

Watch the interview to understand:

  • How digital inclusion is involving in Latin America, and what still needs to be done.
  • What digital trust is, and how it’s fundamental for digital financial inclusion
  • How cybersecurity risks have evolved rapidly
  • How banks can protect themselves from new, fast-moving cyber threats

This interview is part of a special series on digital finance in partnership with Mastercard. Explore the full series here.

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