Tencent’s Nubank investment brings Big Tech power to Brazil

Chinese tech company’s investment in the Brazilian fintech opens scope for payments, loans, and analytics advances at Nubank

15 October, 2018
Bradesco, Itaú test selfies, behavioral biometrics

Brazilian banks study face, voice and behavioral features to advance biometric authentication methods

11 October, 2018
Distrust, fraud hamper digital payments in Mexico

If the market can overcome fraud and distrust, there’s a lot of growth potential for digital payments in Mexico

24 September, 2018
Scotia bets on digital factories for innovation

Scotiabank is investing USD 10million each year in digital transformation, says Ignacio Deschamps

13 September, 2018
Credit card registry opens fintech opportunity in Brazil

Planned rules to track credit card receivables centrally could drive competition, tech in Brazil’s payments system

7 September, 2018
Banxico toughens card issuer rules, encourages innovation

New regulations for debit and credit card transactions in Mexico aim to encourage tech innovation

3 September, 2018
Chile encourages new card companies, payments processors

Central Bank of Chile proposes easier market access for new payment cards, makes back-up plan for clearing system


28 August, 2018
Brazil tightens cybersecurity rules for payment processors

Brazilian payments companies told to strengthen cyber defenses | Secondary regulations for Mexican payments companies released

23 August, 2018
Digital wallets raise “regulatory questions”, says Argentina’s Llach

Salaries paid through digital wallets generate a regulatory question, says deputy governor of Argentina’s central bank

11 June, 2018
CityWallet looks to Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico for expansion

Blockchain-based product switches NFC technology in Venezuela for QR codes in Chile

28 May, 2018
Atliana Piñón, CityWallet, on micropayments, blockchain, and starting up in Venezuela

PODCAST: Launching a fintech startup in a land of high crime, hyperinflation, and brain drain

28 May, 2018
Rawdon Adams, Bitt, on blockchain opportunities in the Caribbean

PODCAST: How blockchain could cut the cost of banking and financial compliance

14 May, 2018
MercadoLibre’s narrowing margins show costs of fintech pivot

Shopping website’s payments & lending business finds fast growth but slimmer returns

10 May, 2018
QUIZ: Mobile payments – Who said it?

Think you know what’s what when it comes to the payments industry in Latin America? See if you can match the speaker with the quote

1 May, 2018
IFC fintech investor calls on LatAm entreprenuers to pay it forward

Successful fintech founders should help foster next generation, says Kai Schmitz

30 April, 2018
Kai Schmitz, IFC, on fintech investing in Latin America

The IFC’s fintech investment official talks about the industry’s development in Latin America

30 April, 2018
Lessons learned from Peru’s mobile money initiative

OPINION: Miguel Arce, the commercial director of PDP, reflects on the electronic money project in Peru

27 April, 2018
Alipay hunts for LatAm opportunities after Openpay deal

Chinese payments giant looking for regional deals, but potential acquisition opportunities may be scarce

26 April, 2018
What will money look like in the future?

OPINION: Interoperability is key for digital payments systems, argues the architect of Ecuador’s mobile money project

24 April, 2018
Bancolombia’s Nequi looks to QR, push messages

QR codes and biometric authentication still have a long way to go – both digitally and technologically – says digital bank’s CEO

23 April, 2018
Andrés Vásquez, Bancolombia, on payments, authentication and digital banking in Colombia

Andrés Vásquez, CEO of Nequi, chats about the challenges of rolling out QR and biometrics technology in Colombia

23 April, 2018
Brazil pioneers wearables, but consumers approach tentatively

Banks, startups and card issuers are rolling out new contactless payments options to Brazilian consumers

19 April, 2018
Amparo Nalvarte, Culqi, on payments gateways

Amparo Nalvarte, CEO and founder of Culqi, discusses the Peruvian payments platform’s international expansion plans

16 April, 2018
Digital banking in Chile

Two-thirds of Chileans have a bank account, making it one of the most-banked Latin American markets. The number of checking accounts in the country tripled, to 21 million, in the 10 years to the end of 2016. 

14 April, 2018
Daniel Cohen, Mastercard, on the future of payments in Latin America & the Caribbean

Daniel Cohen, head of emerging payments for Latin America and the Caribbean at Mastercard, discusses payments innovations that the company is developing.

9 April, 2018

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