Corporate finance
Argentine fintech leaders call for better regulation

Clearer definition of fintech rules would help startups, say industry specialists

16 July, 2018
Gosocket joins Slovenian blockchain platform to open new investor base for SME finance

Chilean e-invoicing and factoring platform hopes to deepen liquidity for SMEs with Hive deal

10 July, 2018
Citibanamex mulls developer API strategy

Bank is drawing up plan for commercial deals to access data via APIs

4 July, 2018
Brazil’s banks test open banking platforms

Banco do Brasil is trialing APIs for third party developers 

2 July, 2018
What’s the biggest limitation for blockchain in LatAm? Understanding

The “human factor” is holding back blockchain development in finance in Latin America, say experts. Scale is also a consideration

26 June, 2018
Startups needed for corporate finance, says Citi exec

Bank looks for tech partners to help corporate clients in LatAm reconcile statements

20 June, 2018
Digital wallets raise “regulatory questions”, says Argentina’s Llach

Salaries paid through digital wallets generate a regulatory question, says deputy governor of Argentina’s central bank

11 June, 2018
Blockchain enthusiasm builds in Brazil, but not everyone wants to be a pioneer

Banking association launches new pilot project

29 May, 2018
Smart contracts set to overhaul banking, lift financial inclusion, says Ripio CEO

Smart contracts are a tool for financial inclusion, will overturn the role of banks, says Sebastian Serrano

24 May, 2018
Bitt bets on regtech proposal for Caribbean blockchain pilot

Blockchain developer hopes KYC/AML plans will encourage commercial banks into project with Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

14 May, 2018
MercadoLibre’s narrowing margins show costs of fintech pivot

Shopping website’s payments & lending business finds fast growth but slimmer returns

10 May, 2018
Santiago stock exchange targets blockchain marketplace

Securities lending platform on Hyperledger Fabric just the beginning, says CIO Andrés Araya

7 May, 2018
IFC fintech investor calls on LatAm entreprenuers to pay it forward

Successful fintech founders should help foster next generation, says Kai Schmitz

30 April, 2018
Alipay hunts for LatAm opportunities after Openpay deal

Chinese payments giant looking for regional deals, but potential acquisition opportunities may be scarce

26 April, 2018
Bancolombia’s Nequi looks to QR, push messages

QR codes and biometric authentication still have a long way to go – both digitally and technologically – says digital bank’s CEO

23 April, 2018
Brazil pioneers wearables, but consumers approach tentatively

Banks, startups and card issuers are rolling out new contactless payments options to Brazilian consumers

19 April, 2018
Culqi turns to marketplace model for international growth

Peruvian payments platform prepares to land in Chile, Colombia and Mexico

16 April, 2018
Mastercard plans social payments, authentication advances in LatAm

Brazil may be first LatAm market for cards company to offer payments over social media, says executive

9 April, 2018
In a crowded market, BCI bets on mobile payments dominance

Chilean lender hopes that new payments app MACH will reach critical mass

2 April, 2018
LatAm banks face lengthy tech to-do list

Digital finance leaders point to financial inclusion, personalization, digitalization among top technology priorities fpr financial services in Latin America and the Caribbean

5 February, 2018
Bradesco changes credit scoring, fee structure to drive Next sign-ups
Mauricio Minas, CIO, details changes the Brazilian lender is making to improve account openings through new digital bank Next
22 January, 2018
Latam fintech defined by regulatory advances in 2017, say experts

Financial technology leaders point to new laws across Latin America as biggest advance for sector last year

8 January, 2018
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